Loving our Self

When I was 15 and in my first relationship, I remember writing everything down trying to make sense of why “love” was so painful. I’d make a list of all the pros of being in a relationship with this person and all the cons trying to make sense of it all (hello virgo rising). I thought that if the good things outweighed the bad than the relationship was worth it. If only it was that easy. We are not taught how to have a relationship with our own true self. Therefore, how can we be expected to have a healthy relationship with another. This whole modern civilization is built on betrayal. Betrayal of the self. This creates the worst psychosis possible. An epidemic of people who don’t know themselves. Who don’t know their true value. We have been disconnected from nature and disconnected from each other. Told to compete. Told to constantly source outside the self. Told to create from this disconnected place.

There are so many ways this disconnection effects our existence. However, there is one particular aspect that seems central to it all. And that is the systematic shutting down of the heart. Our heart is more powerful than our brain. Our heart informs our brain not the other way around. Yet this culture reveres the brain. Thinking. Science. Competition. Keeping your heart open in a world of so much disconnection can be painful. People have been reaching out to me lately about their hearts.

“My heart feels numb.”
“I just want to feel love.”
“My heart doesn’t work anymore.”
“Sometimes I don’t want to live anymore.”
“How can I feel love when all I’ve known is pain?”

How can you get people to feel how precious they are? Most people want to die. They don’t understand the point of being on Earth. It feels like a hell. Like heaven is somewhere beyond the veil of the body. This Earth is a shadow & light play. Love remembering itself. We are consciousness. We have eternity to play with ourselves. This “forgetting” our true nature is part of the play. Yet we are finally at the time of celebration of awakening! The remembrance of who we really are! Yet most beings are living in extreme circumstances that are based in fear and death instead of love and life. Upon birth most human’s bodies are injected with toxic heavy metals and viruses. Most boys are circumsized. Then there is the disfunction of family dynamics. The indoctrination of the school systems. The GMO, mineral deficient food. The brainwashing of television and movies toward violence and perverted sexuality. It’s a MIRACLE that our species is still here and doing as well as it is! It is a true testimony to the strength of the human spirit and the power of LOVE.

So what can we do about this? How to reawaken the heart to feel? It starts with deep listening. Stripping away all the distractions and coming face to face with the root of your soul.

Choose Love, my friends. Choose Life. We are so much more than what meets the eye. Stay in your heart. Learn to open your heart and purify your temple on all levels. They all interweave. You cannot neglect one part of your being and expect all the rest to operate optimally. The most revolutionary thing you can do is to stay anchored in Heaven on Earth within your own heart.

Moving through life with an open heart is of the upmost importance!

Even through all this distortion, there is still LOVE. There is still KINDNESS. There is still BEAUTY. There is still COMPASSION.

You cannot destroy the truth. You can hide it. You can turn away from the sun, but the sun is always there shining. Look to your own inner light. See all your shadows and the way you hide from your true self. Unawareness can not be aware of awareness until awareness becomes aware of the unawareness. Like the Earth can’t feel the light of the sun until it spins a certain amount to feel the light. All of life is based on our perception. Our perception causes heaven or hell. Are you in Love or Fear? That simple.

Dedicate your life to love.

I dare you. I dare myself. Focus on what you want to see more of in the world. Cultivate that.

It’s more challenging to love being in a body when your body is toxic and in pain. Or your experiencing trauma or emotional upset. When your own body temple is broken down, it is easier to fall into an energy field of pain and fear. Restore your holy temple to it’s original blueprint of Love and Life. Upgrade yourself to optimum health and wholeness.

When you’re rejected, be vulnerable
When you’re lonely, be open
When you’re shut down, be kind
When you’re confused, be faithful
When you’re guilty, be forgiving
When you’re depressed, be soft
When you’re in pain, be surrendered
When you’re in love, be love

We can only love each other as much as we love ourselves.

You are the flower.

Open, Open, Open, I hear the rose whispering to my heart in the speech of dew drops melting. Be rid of your need to change the world. Be filled with indifference. Come back to the neutral still point. Share truth from this place. From the place that holds all places. Not needing to fix anyone. Trusting in the perfection of each souls unique journey.

My children
Lay your head in my lap
Bring me your vulnerable cries
I want to know how the wind howls loneliness into your bones
And stays stuck their from your hiding
Soften the tightness that keeps you wrapped in pains clutch
Bury yourself in the mud and let the suffering of lifetimes die in the rotting of perfect imperfection
Compost for the sunrise age
This timeline designed as the perfect heartbreak
To crack the canyon for the water of love to flow over
Waterfalls only happen when there’s space to fall
So fall
Not a fall that knows spring will come
Not a fall that knows how far the ground is below
Not a fall that believes it will get wings
A fall of infinite unknown faith
A fall that knows nothing and trusts everything
Nothing lasts forever and you will explode
Off your self imposed edges
Into more than you ever knew
The power and strength of a waterfall
Out your eyes and down your skin
Streaked with the light of ancient kin
Dreaming awake each cells star bright
Beacons for the simple
Return to gnosis

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