Goddess Movement Article

It’s easy to light candles and burn incense.
It’s easy to put on goddess dresses and adorn with jewels.
It’s easy to talk about the goddess and say nice words.
It’s easy to feed each other chocolate and gather in circle to do practices.
It’s easy to arrange crystals and call each other priestesses.
It’s easy to go to a jade egg workshop and yoni steam.
It’s easy to change your name to something more goddessy on Facebook.
It’s easy to be in the “goddess” movement.
And it’s making me want nothing to do with it.

It’s a lot more challenging to actually serve the Goddess and so much more rewarding.

The Goddess destroys illusion. The Goddess spits on your nice clothes so you take them off and finally see what’s under everything you’ve been trying to cover up. The Goddess doesn’t care how many likes you have on Facebook. Or how professional your website looks. Or how much money you’re going to make teaching your next online course. She doesn’t need you to call yourself a goddess. She doesn’t need the goddess movement to do her work.

She needs truly open hearts and willing hands. She is a frequency, not a marketing plan.

I see glorified youthful beauty masquerading as goddess empowerment. I see lies covering truth to make money. I see people pretending to be what they are not.

Social media can be dangerous.

You think people are at a place they claim to be. You know nothing of their true character in the day to day. Do they share their humanity? The insanity of this age that brings tears and anger and grief and confusion? There’s nothing more powerful than authenticity. The online portal is a handy structure to share offerings on a larger scale, but it’s not used as a way to make them seem more embodied than they actually are.

Embodiment is value. I don’t give a fuck how many trainings you’ve done. What qualities have you embodied within yourself? These are the things I will learn from you, because it’s what you are. We can not hide what we are from life.

To truly serve the Goddess, we must acknowledge and feel the stories of judgement, shame, separation, fear, and control that have separated the Goddess against herself. Against ourselves.

To forgive. To keep opening the heart. To speak the greater truth. To integrate our essence. To act from love instead of fear. To be responsible for our projections and suffering. To be willing to be uncomfortable. To sit in the fires and let the dross be purified. To take risks. To follow our SOUL. Not our mind. Not our mother/father. Not our society. But our soul. This is serving the goddess.

Moving a rock across your yard can be more aligned with the Goddess than participating in a red tent ceremony.

Because it’s not the physical motion but the Energy and Awareness behind it. The purity of love made visible.

So what is your State of Being? This is the true service in each moment and in each breath. To face the waves of discomfort that arise and let them crash you into deeper levels of your inner ocean of love.

Run wild
Past the landscape of painted houses on paved streets
Run wild
Past the institutions designed to program your mind
Run wild
Past the outer voices that demand so loudly for your attention
Run wild
Past the dream you created that you don’t want to be inside
Run wild
Back into your soul
Back into the street of your veins that flows its perfect course
Run wild
Into your own perfectly wrapped presence
Run wild
Into the innocence of your heart underneath what it’s been pressed to feel
Run wild
Into the innermost you you’re longing to express
Run wild into the soft places of forever noble breath
Run wild
Through every test
Run wild
Until your cells spark alive again as the stars they truly are
Run wild
Bare feet
Bare skin
Bare heart
Bare thoughts
Bare all
Learn what you chase and the motives it creates
Bears hibernate to deepen in internal gates
Until you find the land to which you belong
Run wild til you hear your song
And don’t stop singing until you become the dawn

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