Live to Love and Love to Live

When you love life to the fullest, you allow life to love you to the fullest.

“Daughter of my secret choice

Go walking through my secret tunnel

Picking choir flowers

A lake, Unbroken


– age 3

Water Priestess ~ Oracle of the Divine Mother ~ Mermaid of the Magdalen~ Lover of Life

I’ve come to realize that the best things in my life I don’t plan. That the most amazing opportunities and my destiny seem to magically light up my path, not without effort on my part, but with such an incredible, miraculous nature that it becomes impossible to feel like I’m not being guided by a loving force bigger than my human self. It’s like myself is a seed and everything in the universe is conspiring to see my flower. This is true for all of us. We are all flowers in the garden of humanity, blooming into our potential. I believe that when we commune with life as an act of love making, when we thank the flowers for being, and feel the love of the air we breath, we cultivate alignment with nature and our truest selves. This is when “miracles” become more and more common. I truly believe abundance, joy, ecstatic love, health and wholeness are our birthright as humans, however, when we pollute our bodies, minds and souls by being out of alignment with Truth, we experience disharmony.

I see life as a beautiful story that we are the stars of. When we look at our life in this manner, it frees us up to ask, “what would I dream and do if this was going to be my favorite story in the world”. When life is lived from this place, it becomes so much richer. It also gives us permission to follow our heart. It is crucial to not wait for someone outside of yourself to give you approval for living the life you desire. The key to your freedom is in the center of your own being. I believe that when you love life to the fullest, life loves you to the fullest. The most important thing we can do is to blossom into our most radiant selves. Whatever that means for us.

My life is filled with magic and miracles that I am so over flowingly grateful for. I’m going to share a bit of my myth, not just for you to learn more about me, but for you to be inspired to be more of YOU! Sometimes we all need reminders to follow our hearts, that goodness is everywhere, and that we are loved beyond our wildest dreams. We just have to allow ourselves to receive it.

My Myth

After high school, I backpacked New Zealand for 5 months wwoofing and exploring. It was the beginning of a life of following my heart instead of societal expectations. While there, I debated studying the healing arts, or going to study international relations. Upon returning, I decided to apply to college on the east coast to study woman’s rights, specifically to fight sex trafficking. However, something didn’t quite feel right. My brain would get fuzzy trying to write the admission papers, and I didn’t love any of the colleges I toured. Shortly after, I had an experience in my body of viscerally feeling that my purpose this life time was to work with people one on one healing instead of from the big organization level. I specifically wanted to work with trauma release.

I grew up with a shamanic counselor, holistic health mother extrodinar, so I was no stranger to shamanic journeys (my first at age 11), homeopathy, herbology, soul retrieval, craniosacral, massage, crystal healing, chiropractic, rolfing, art therapy, healthy food, ext. I was the test subject for all the healing modalities she took. So when I had the awakening to the realization of my deeper purpose of one on one work, I had experience with plenty of modalities to choose from. However, none of them were IT. I knew that the perfect thing was out there, I just hadn’t heard of it yet. So I continued my job at a local hot springs spa, and took a sound healing certification online, because I knew that I wanted to incorporate that into whatever I was doing.

Then one day, a lady walked in and asked if we offered Watsu. I asked her what she meant because it sounded like she just asked if we had an exotic kind of sushi. She explained it was a type of water therapy and it was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. After she left, I immediately looked it up on the computer. And that was that. As soon as I saw a picture of someone floating, I knew that was the modality I’d been waiting to discover.

After extensive online research, I discovered that I needed to have a license to touch people in order to practice. So I decided to go to massage school. I wanted to study dolphin dance aquatic therapy on the big island of Hawaii, but I wanted to attend massage school in Oregon first, because it was the hardest state to be licensed in that I would actually want to live. I looked at all the schools in Oregon and knew that AIM in Ashland was the one for me. I’d never been to Ashland before and lived in Colorado. There were a bunch of things that could have stopped me. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a job, a house, and only $300 saved. However, I did it anyway. And even made a 3 month road trip of it.

My third day there, I went to a meditation at the Goddess Temple. I introduced myself and the lady leading it asked me why I’d moved to Ashland. I shared that I’d come to attend massage school, but my real dream was to move to Hawaii to study aquatic bodywork. She said that she teaches aquatic bodywork. I had just met my aquatic teacher Jumana Sophia. I ended up moving into a room in her beautiful house and water temple, and started studying water healing with her 5 days before massage school started.

Then I was at Starbucks looking for a job on craigslist when I prayed, “God please help me. There is absolutely nothing on here that I want to do, and I need a job. I don’t know what to do.” Right after, a man and his two twin boys sat down next to me. We struck up a conversation and I told him about my adventure. We ended up trading emails. The next day he emailed and asked if I needed a job. That began my journey building menus for a wonderful local start up. I also got a scholarship for school and was approved for an amazing financial aid program. Everything came together beautifully.

Over the next two years, I graduated from massage school, moved the water temple twice, became an ordained water priestess, met incredible new friends and family, began crainosacral school and totally thrived.

Then Hawaii started calling me again. I decided to travel to Kauai for my Golden birthday, turning 23 on May 23rd. I’d always wanted my golden birthday to be celebrated significantly. The journey was intentionally planned as a solo pilgrimage into deeper embodiment of my soul essence. It was epic. I wrote out the whole story HERE. When I returned I knew I had to move there. However, I LOVED my space at the water temple. I thought maybe I’d go visit for longer instead of actually move. Well then, the land lord emailed out of the blue and said she was selling the property! Talk about a sign from the universe. So I quit craniosacral school, put in notice at my job, and started packing up my stuff.

That next week, I was contacted by a man I’d met at Beltane a few years earlier. We ended up Skyping about a project he was working on. He then invited me to a private festival in California, which turned into an amazing story that will be shared publicly soon. That ended up leading us spontaneously on a magical timeline where we traveled down to Boulder Creek, Ca for 5 months to live with our new friends and work on the Mythica project.

We separated ways, and I moved to the island of Kauai to attend sacred doula school and create home. Since moving to Kauai, so much has transpired that blows all the previous stories out of the water. I’m so in love with my amazing partner, our house is spectacular, I created the most beautiful healing temple to work out of, I’m creating projects that light my heart alive, there is the best community I’ve ever experienced and the food here is spectacular! I’ve been on a raw food diet for 6 months and have never felt healthier. 4 years ago when I lived in Colorado, I used to visualize myself living on an island surrounded by beautiful community and there’s a place on kauai that looks just like my vision! In continual awe of the dream that is bigger than we are. When we align ourselves with the frequencies of love, gratitude and joy, miracles happen.

I trust that magic and miracles are awaiting.

I trust that my dreams are coming true.

And I’m making this life, my favorite story of all.

May we all live in harmony with the ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

Heaven is a state of consciousness, not a place outside us or off this Earth.

The best is still ahead.