Eternal Essence

Warm Water Holistic Therapy



“In the water, I speak with my hands when touch you othings have never seen, yet know. That love ian art that hangs ithe gallery of God and the entire universe iwaiting in line tcatch glimpse othe creation that flows from the brush omy hand oyour skin ithe water.”  –PJ

Come, be held

in the Radiant Perfection that you are

you don’t need to do anything or heal anything

to feel this Love

to feel this Wholeness

Come, be held

in Eternal Love

in Pure Presence

in the Waters of Life

in the Womb of Creation

Come, be held 

in Silent Surrender

and in this Embrace

Remember the Wholeness of each Moment

Revealing the Majesty of

Your Eternal Essence 

Eternal Essence supports people in accessing their radiant health and remembering the delight of the human experience. When we are held in pure presence and deep listening, our bodies have the opportunity to fully surrender and in the safest relaxation, we tap into a divine inner resource: a natural state of intrinsic wholeness and perfect blueprint of health that is not dependent upon any outer circumstance. In this womb like environment, traumas naturally unwind, old patterns wash away, and there is an opportunity for rebirth. Come be supported in more deeply embodying your unique eternal essence.

Aquatic Healing is an experience unlike anything else on the Earth. It is a unique, personal immersion into the energies of the Divine Mother (Grace, Love, Presence) and the cosmic womb through the vessel of the Water. On the surface, it looks like the giver floating the receiver in a warm pool, bringing the body in a series of movements and massage above or below the surface. However, the true magic is not what is seen from the outside, but the alchemy of inner experience. The water washes away the temporary story of our life so the deeper essence that we are can more easily be felt. The water embraces you, perfectly molding to support your body. I am a facilitator and holder of your body as it dances with and as the water.

The most common phrase I’ve heard uttered when an aquatic session completes is, “I felt like I was in the arms of the divine mother”. This feeling of being completely supported in unconditional love naturally arises when floated in the warm water. It is the closest we can get to feeling back in our mother’s womb while adults. Our world is full of high stress environments that cause the nervous system to easily become compromised by being in a frequent sympathetic state. Aquatic bodywork facilitates relaxation of the nervous system by bringing the body into a state of receptivity and presence. 

A typical session example:

The water is cleared and infused with prayer, song and a Tibetan singing bowl. You arrive, fill out a form, and shower off. We then move into the water, put floats on, go over the session details, and have a dialogue check in regarding your current state of being and what your intention is for the session. We may also go over underwater guidelines and try on nose clips, if it is your first time. I guide you through a specifically tailored few minute meditation based on your intention. Then I pick you up, and you float for a hour while your body is deeply listened to and brought through a series of healing movements, massage, and sound healing above and below the water. The water medicine is very linked with Breath. I will move your body in harmony with and in encouragement of breath. After the hour is complete, I bring you to the wall and do another integrative meditation. 

“In healing work, it is critical to understand. No matter how desperate the situation, the information of the whole, its inherent ordering principle, or blueprint, is still available in each part. The blueprint of health is thus present in each part and is still available if it can be accessed.” – Franklin Sills


Eternal Essence intends to remind people of their intrinsic wholeness, truest selves and highest potential in all areas of health through Warm Water Holistic Therapy. The name arose from the desire to encapsulate what it is that happens in a session. For me, the intention is to drop into the Eternal Essence of life, Love. We all have a unique essence, a signature vibration unique to our soul that when aligned, feels like ecstasy. It is the part of you that animates your current body, the eternal you that existed before this moving matter and will continue to exist long after. It is the part of you dancing as divinity embodied. 

Most of the modern world distracts us from being in touch with our own essence. Distractions are all around tugging at our beings saying this material world is all there is. That money, success, and the bigger better mentality is what brings happiness. When truly, everything we see with our eyes will fade, all the sensory stimulus a play of dense light that constantly changes. Being out of touch with the eternal self and the stream of knowingness and alignment that naturally follows can spur a multitude of disharmony in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves, all aspects of our being. Sometimes, it can be challenging to remember what our natural state of harmony even feels like. Using alchemy, Eternal Essence intends to remind people of their truest selves and highest potential.

Eternal Essence is different that other forms of Aquatic bodywork such as Watsu or Waterdance, because it approaches the body not with a series of moves to apply, but instead focuses on deep, deep listening to the receivers body, sourcing all movement from their own wisdom. 

“The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers. It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of life and death, in ebb and flow.” – Rabindranath Tagore

“People choose to work with the water for many and varied reasons. For some it’s just an inner knowing that this is what they need. For others, the water has long been “home.” For even others, water trauma and overcoming fear of the water is an inspiration to this work. Chronic physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, limited physical mobility, anxiety, difficulty “letting go,” and insomnia also often inspire outreach to this ministry. People very often come to the water to be supported in releasing more deeply seated physical, emotional, and psychic traumas, including those that have resulted in PTSD. There is a profound, non-sexual intimacy inherent in being held in the water, and many people who come to this work are seeking to shift blocks to intimacy, Mother/Father wounding, and the residual impact of physical or sexual abuse.

When we come to the water, we enter a cathedral of silence, presence, and the Real. Expect to enter a timeless, weightless realm unlike any other (although remarkably womb-like and cosmic simultaneously). According to countless receivers, one devotional session in the water can achieve what will often take years of talk or process therapy.” -Jumana Sophia

Water is life, yet it is one of the least scientifically understood substances on the Earth. This is ironic, because at the molecular level, humans are 99% water. We walk the land as self-contained, moving oceans. Watery beings appearing solid from our own viewpoint, yet at the molecular level almost completely water. When immersed in warm water, something magic happens. We remember our innate wholeness through fluidity and yin principals of femininity. Water masterfully teaches of the divine feminine. Through example of support, fluidity, surrender, and trust. Bringing forth into this world a balance so desperately needed in these times.

The water effortlessly gives movement, fluidity and grace to even the most stuck, painful, and traumatic situations. The physical benefits of being moved through the water are numerous, heart rate decreases, blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues, breath deepens. The emotional, mental, and spiritual effects are just as great and in some cases more pronounced.

“Know your anatomy and your physiology, but when you get your hands on a patient’s body, never forget that a living soul dwells therein.” – Dr. A.T. Still

All humans.

If I could, I would give a water session to everyone on earth. I even dreamt once that I gave a session to a baby deer 🙂

Non-specific sessions are incredible, but there are also reasons for coming to the water that can be helpful to share. I’ve included a list below. 

Pregnant Mothers: 

This is such a divine experience that I actually offer discount sessions, because I want more mamas to have this gift! It is an unparalleled way to feel what your baby feels while living inside you! It is a profound opportunity to enter into a womb like container and connect with the life growing within your body. The water creates a sacred environment in which you can drop into deep communion with the ancient language of life itself. The language without words that tells the seed to flower and the baby to grow. This is how your baby will communicate with you before taught verbal language. It will also give you a deeper remembrance of the world from which your baby is coming into this one. It’s been a long time since you were birthed into the world. It can be helpful to have a reminder of what a gentle, soft cocoon your incredible creation is emerging from. 

Newborn Babies: 

This is a unique session in that I actually guide you through floating your newborn and then end with holding you while you hold them. Imagine what it’s like to go from a watery womb of mother safety into the world of senses, form, and air. It is quite a transition! This is such a beautiful way to continue your watery connection outside of the womb.

Trauma Recovery

The water is masterful at releasing trauma naturally. Trauma is not just a mental experience, but something that is stored energetically in the body. The body holds these patterns until the opportunity is given to release them. I strongly believe the body has a deep wisdom that is self healing and can be accessed through a water session. Here is an amazing organization that goes into the reasoning behind warm water therapy for PTSD, specifically with war veterans: Also, if you are interested in learning more about bodily held trauma, I recommend Peter Levine’s work.

Grief Support/Emotional Pain

It can be devastating on so many levels to lose someone we love, whether that’s through death, or through not being able to relate to them in the same way. No matter how great our life is, sadness, confusion, anger, or grief can still occur. Sometimes, we just need a safe place to be held. Being supported in warm water provides a beautiful context to move through these feeling and remember the support all around you.

Physical Pain

I remember a woman after a session saying she had forgotten what it felt like to not be in pain. She was living with such constant hurt that it had become part of her normal reality. In the water, there is such a relief of pressure, both physically and mentally. The weight of gravity is greatly diminished, our body can move in ways it’s unable to on land, and is given the space to unwind naturally.

Spiritual Journeys:

This session is unique in many ways. I’ve noticed that underwater journeys are ripe for visioning and deep meditation. We can custom tailor a journey around your spiritual intention. Sounds that can be included are underwater shamanic drumming, tibetan bowl playing, womb beat sounds, or a favorite piece of music.


Sessions are a beautiful way to experience non sexual intimacy. The water is deeply sensual and feminine. If you need more touch, feminine tenderness, and the feeling of motherly love, this is a powerful experience.

No. We can do the entire session above water. And even if you want to go underwater, I don’t give a guarantee, because it depends on how your body and breath respond during the session. With that said, underwater journeys are my personal favorite. There is a special magic that transpires when completely supported and moved underneath warm water. It is unlike any other experience on the planet. I imagine it is what flying through the cosmos as a infinite being would feel like. The spirals, undulations, and three dimensional movements allow the body to move in ways that are not possible on land. 

The dance of the breath is another remarkable aspect of the underwater journey. It requires a complete harmony between the giver and receiver, building a special kind of trust and surrender. Above and below melt away becoming one seamless whole, reminding of the unity that holds duality.

“Being held in deep surrender in a water healing session with Dakota was incredible. My body experienced movement in ways that only dreams of flying have expressed. The fluidity of the warm water felt like a womb embracing me. Her touch was extremely tender yet rooted in strength and power allowing me to experience a vastness of complete freedom and sweet stillness. The experience was truly beyond words in the depths that it took me. I highly recommend a session to anyone wishing to release stress, feel held, experience surrender and relaxation. Thank you, Dakota, for sharing your gift.”
-Alysha Graham Picard,

“Dakota’s healing work is other worldly! Her touch and sense of presence really allow me to sink deep into my own Being. Each session sends me into a very relaxing state where my body and mind completely let go giving way for my Spirit to be free. Her healing gifts are powerful, nurturing and leave me feeling refreshed as I bathe in the bliss. Her water work is exquisite and I highly recommend to everybody!”
-Erik Suarez,

Dakota is an extension of the water. Her presence and honoring of whoever she is in session with is full of grace, respect, and healing wisdom. To be held in her arms is to be accepted for who you are; to be cherished, and to be witnessed with utter respect and kindness. Her knowledge of massage, anatomy, sound healing, and other modalities, makes each of her sessions a unique encounter that is sure to meet you exactly where you are and support you in moving toward a state of nourished balance and wellbeing.”
-Nancy Kilham, fellow warm water therapist


90 minute sessions $125-$150

Package of three 60 min sessions for $260-$300

Package of three 90 min sessions for $365-$400

I highly recommend 90 min to allow adequate time before and after for integrative dialogue. 

Please bring a swimsuit and towel. You are also welcome to bring ear plugs and/or a nose clip if you have a special kind you like, otherwise, they will be provided for you.

There are local rates available and sliding scale. Please inquire 🙂

I lived and studied at the AquaMystica Water Temple in Ashland, Oregon for two years. I took levels 1-3 and the 5 month apprenticeship with Jumana Sophia as well as almost every guest teacher offering. We had teachers come up from Harbin Hot Springs (the birthplace of Watsu) and Israel. I have also completed Fluid Presence 1 with Shantam at her water temple in California. I’ve floated people at many events including PranaFest at the Wellsprings. I have spent over 350 hours training and hundreds practicing. I am the first water priestess to be ordained through the AquaMystica Ministry. In addition to studying the water work, I am a graduate of the Ashland Institute of Massage 650 hour program. I took a three month 50 hour certification in sound healing through the Globe Institute. I use my voice, tuning forks and singing bowls in the water. I also have taken 50 hours of foundation classes in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. I pull from various aspects of these tools in every session. No two sessions are alike. There is no mechanical formula, no specific guide. There are principals to embody and movements to master, but the specific combination of the aspects is unique and ever evolving! The main key is to remain fully present and in a state of deep listening. There is a present in the moment that can only be accessed when being completely present. Let’s unwrap this gift together and embody our essence.

Below is the link to the story of my water priestess ordination:


Below is a beautiful video example of Warm Water Holistic Therapy.

(This is one of my teachers, Shantam. She is an angel! Check out her website HERE)


“Water has something quite magical to it…Meditate upon water and you will have the answer to what spirit is. When we worship, we can worship God, a spirit, with our own spirit through this watery body by understanding how just ordinary things are alive with that living water, which is what Christ was talking about when he said, ” I have the living water from which once you have drunk you never thirst.” 

-Christopher Hill, discoverer of spirulina


Deep compassionate listening is a key to healing. Warm water integrative therapy is the kind of listening so deep, it is without words. A listening to the body that enables a freedom from thought, from belief, from separation. It’s a profound opportunity for the spirit to feel completely free while still in form.