Eternal Essence

Warm Water Holistic Therapy



“In the water, I speak with my hands when touch you othings have never seen, yet know. That love ian art that hangs ithe gallery of God and the entire universe iwaiting in line tcatch glimpse othe creation that flows from the brush omy hand oyour skin ithe water.”  –PJ

Come, be held

in the Radiant Perfection that you are

you don’t need to do anything or heal anything

to feel this Love

to feel this Wholeness

Come, be held

in Eternal Love

in Pure Presence

in the Waters of Life

in the Womb of Creation

Come, be held 

in Silent Surrender

and in this Embrace

Remember the Wholeness of each Moment

Revealing the Majesty of

Your Eternal Essence 

Eternal Essence supports people in accessing their radiant health and remembering the delight of the human experience. When we are held in pure presence and deep listening, our bodies have the opportunity to fully surrender and in the safest relaxation, we tap into a divine inner resource: a natural state of intrinsic wholeness and perfect blueprint of health that is not dependent upon any outer circumstance. In this womb like environment, traumas naturally unwind, old patterns wash away, and there is an opportunity for rebirth. Come be supported in more deeply embodying your unique eternal essence.

Aquatic Healing is an experience unlike anything else on the Earth. It is a unique, personal immersion into the energies of the Divine Mother (Grace, Love, Presence) and the cosmic womb through the vessel of the Water. On the surface, it looks like the giver floating the receiver in a warm pool, bringing the body in a series of movements and massage above or below the surface. However, the true magic is not what is seen from the outside, but the alchemy of inner experience. The water washes away the temporary story of our life so the deeper essence that we are can more easily be felt. The water embraces you, perfectly molding to support your body. I am a facilitator and holder of your body as it dances with and as the water.

The most common phrase I’ve heard uttered when an aquatic session completes is, “I felt like I was in the arms of the divine mother”. This feeling of being completely supported in unconditional love naturally arises when floated in the warm water. It is the closest we can get to feeling back in our mother’s womb while adults. Our world is full of high stress environments that cause the nervous system to easily become compromised by being in a frequent sympathetic state. Aquatic bodywork facilitates relaxation of the nervous system by bringing the body into a state of receptivity and presence. 

A typical session example:

The water is cleared and infused with prayer, song and a Tibetan singing bowl. You arrive, fill out a form, and shower off. We then move into the water, put floats on, go over the session details, and have a dialogue check in regarding your current state of being and what your intention is for the session. We may also go over underwater guidelines and try on nose clips, if it is your first time. I guide you through a specifically tailored few minute meditation based on your intention. Then I pick you up, and you float for a hour while your body is deeply listened to and brought through a series of healing movements, massage, and sound healing above and below the water. The water medicine is very linked with Breath. I will move your body in harmony with and in encouragement of breath. After the hour is complete, I bring you to the wall and do another integrative meditation. 

“In healing work, it is critical to understand. No matter how desperate the situation, the information of the whole, its inherent ordering principle, or blueprint, is still available in each part. The blueprint of health is thus present in each part and is still available if it can be accessed.” – Franklin Sills


Below is a beautiful video example of Warm Water Holistic Therapy.

(This is one of my teachers, Shantam. She is an angel! Check out her website HERE)


“Water has something quite magical to it…Meditate upon water and you will have the answer to what spirit is. When we worship, we can worship God, a spirit, with our own spirit through this watery body by understanding how just ordinary things are alive with that living water, which is what Christ was talking about when he said, ” I have the living water from which once you have drunk you never thirst.” 

-Christopher Hill, discoverer of spirulina


Deep compassionate listening is a key to healing. Warm water integrative therapy is the kind of listening so deep, it is without words. A listening to the body that enables a freedom from thought, from belief, from separation. It’s a profound opportunity for the spirit to feel completely free while still in form.