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I’ve been on a 99% raw diet for the past 6 months and feel the healthiest I’ve ever been. The most common response when I share this with people is, “I could never do that.” If you believe that, then you are most definitely right. However, even adding a bit more alive food to your diet can make a huge difference in health. I’ve discovered that food isn’t even the most important part of nutrition! The past 6 months I feel like I’ve finally uncovered and made sense of the truth behind food and health. I’ve always looked for the “truth”. I used to believe that there wasn’t a truth with food that would work for everyone. That some people needed meat, or some people needed grain. Now I believe I said that because I didn’t want to rock the boat. What works for one human organism generally should work for the rest because we are the same species. Of course, there are deviations. Some ppl respond better to certain foods and combinations than others, however, there are some basic principals that work for everyone.

I finally love my body. For the first time since I was a child, I can honestly say that. I remember being a teenager, waking up at 5am before school to exercise, trying all kinds of cleanses, trying veganism, vegetarianism, being gluten free. I was always looking for the truth regarding how to be healthy. However, it was also sprinkled with body judgement. I remember going through a phase when I thought my nose looked like a pig. Or thinking my thighs were fat because there wasn’t a gap between them. Or wishing my rib cage wasn’t so big. Or my knees weren’t pudgy. Our society doesn’t help the process of body love. It’s full of contradictory messages. Eat whatever you want and look like a super model! Ya right. However, a lot of times there was a subtle under current of me not feeling like my body was fully in it’s peak condition. Like there were layers upon my physical body that weren’t actually reflecting my true essence. I noticed this particularly after I traveled in New Zealand for 5 months out of high school. I had gone off my health kick and was going more “backpacker” healthy style. Lots of nuts, chocolate, bulk grains, ext. My face started looking not like my face. There was this extra thin layer of puffiness stacked on top. Being raw has allowed by body to come into it’s most natural shape and I’ve never felt more beautiful!

Being on Kauai, I’ve grown to understand a deeper truth around food and nourishment. I’m so blessed with my partner who has been on the journey of raw food for 16 years, sharing tips and tricks that make it easy and fun! I’m deeply grateful for his support!

When you are making adjustments to your eating habits, it takes time. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Also keep in mind that you are doing this not only for yourself, but on behalf of all beings on the earth affected by your vibration. It’s very important on a physical level, especially if you’re a woman who plans on giving birth or a man who plans on procreating with his seed. We literally create another human from our blood. So purifying our blood is the most important part of pre-conception.

Please take only what resonates and leave the rest 🙂

Here’s an overview around what I’ve learned thus far:

Taking optimum care of our sacred body temples is of UPMOST importance!

1. Air

Breathing is our number one food source. We ingest air more than anything else. Air quality is the most important health ingredient. Especially the negative ion charged mist from the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls. First thing in the morning, do a breathing practice. Inhale love, gratitude, bliss, abundance, ext for 9 seconds, hold for 9 seconds, breath out any tension for 9 seconds, hold for another 9 seconds, then repeat. It’s even better if this can be done in nature. If you’re in a big city with limited access to nature, it may be helpful to go to the oxygen bars.

2. Sunlight

Sunlight is our primary food. Without sunlight, this earth and our bodies wouldn’t exist. Our cells don’t eat. They emit light. Get sunlight on as much of your body as possible every day. It’s so healthy to spend as much time as possible being naked and feeling the elements on your skin.

p.s. Be wary of sunscreen. Telling people to put toxic chemicals on their skin to protect them from getting skin cancer from one of our number one nourishment sources is absurd. Sunscreen causes skin cancer! Burning in the sun comes from not having enough greens in the diet, being in the sun too long, and being generally unhealthy. If you feel you need extra protection, make sure to use 100% natural sunscreen. My favorite is from Super Salve company:

3. Water

The quality of your water is the quality of your body. We are mostly water. It’s essential to get as high quality water as possible! We collect spring water, but if you don’t have access to a spring, get a pristine hydro water filter: Another KEY magical thing we’ve started doing is adding hydrogen and silica to our water. We use Mega Hydrate by Dr. Flanagan and Eidon Silica liquid concentrate. It’s made a HUGE difference in how we feel. Dr. Patrick Flanagan observed the Hunza people lived well over 100 easily. He observed that what they did differently was drink water from melted glaciers that contained way more hydrogen than normal water. “You are what you drink. Water is the most important thing you put in your body, but not all water is equal. Everywhere on earth, water has different physical characteristics, no matter where you travel, and many waters have what they call anomalous properties“. -Dr. Henri Cuanda

And for my friends in Pagosa Springs, that water is VERY blessed:

“No one in history has ever figured out what gives the water at Lourdes, France its healing properties. It is a very holy place. Miracles occur there that have nothing to do with science. But in the physical universe, there must always be a measurable source. The miracle of Lourdes may be the fact that the water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions. The water at Baden Baden, Germany, and at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, both have a large quantity of negative hydrogen ions as well.”

4. Coconut Green Water

The most amazing thing I’ve recently started drinking daily is fresh coconut water with different green powders. We use chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa, and barley on rotation. Taking them in the coconut water is best because the electrolights in the coconut water reconstitute and activate the greens, however, you can use regular water too. It’s even better to let them mix in the sunlight for 15-30min before drinking.

5. Juice

Cucumber Cilantro Juice and Orange Turmeric Juice are our most recent favs. We’ve found simple combos are best.

6. Wild Food

Wild food right off the tree or out of the ground is the best. When we eat, we are ingesting the light from the deva of the plant being. The electromagnetic field around freshly picked food carries more energy and light for our bodies to use.

7. Organic Raw Food in its most natural state

Never eat GMOs. Eat as local as possible. Eat as simple and close to nature as possible. I think it’s healthier to have a baked sweet potato or steamed broccoli than a gourmet raw meal with 20 different ingredients and 3 types of nuts. Eat for nourishment. Notice when you’re actually hungry. The less you eat the less hungry you are. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Our optimum is eating one solid meal a day, the rest are liquids or a piece of fruit or coconut meat for a snack.

p.s. We go super light on the nuts and dried fruit. Protein is a huge hyped up myth. We NEVER eat cashews and only raw, unpasteurized soaked almonds (on occasion). Our favorite nuts are macadamia (because they are local) and hemp seeds. However, if you’re wanting more protein and to gain lots of muscle, puradyme protein powder is the best. And dried fruit is more of a treat (like candy).

8. Medicine “Soup” and Tea

This is especially important for people in cold weather climates. There can be intensive longing for warm food. Tea is an amazing way to fulfill this desire. A personal favorite is ginger, lemon, honey with goji berries. You can eat the ginger and goji berries after drinking the tea. Also, it’s super important to add lemon and honey AFTER the tea has cooled down to drinking temperature, so the natural occurring enzymes aren’t destroyed. Another amazing thing for cold weather or if you feel a cold coming on is medicine soup. Whirl turmeric, ginger, and garlic in the food processor with a little water until a paste forms. Add it to a bowl. Then add bean sprouts, mushrooms, basil and spinach. Then add a huge bunch of dulce seaweed (magic stuff). Pour boiling water over it and let it sit and steep with a plate on top of it for 15 min. Then drink the water and eat the food.

9. Oils

Only use the highest quality oils and NEVER cook your oils! If you’re going to bake a potato then add the oil after. And never fry things. Steaming is best. My favorite oils are high quality olive oil (with a bite) and pumpkin seed oil. Since becoming super sensitive, I’ve stopped being as drawn to coconut oil. I used to eat it by the spoonful and fry everything in it thinking this was “healthy” (vegan blunder). Now I’d rather eat coconut meat and get the oil naturally from that. However, I know coconuts aren’t easily accessible everywhere.

10. Enzymes and Probiotics

Super important. Puradyme is what we use. AMAZING company.

11. Salt

We do super minimal salt. My partner doesn’t eat salt at all. I use it occasionally as a treat, but have found that it dehydrates my body and that it’s more enjoyable and natural to enjoy the way things actually taste without the extra stimulation.

12. Skin and Hair

You also “eat” what you put on your skin and hair. So only put the purest ingredients on your body! Morrocco Method hair care line has changed my life! Using this product and a boar bristle brush is the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair. My hair was getting so brittle, frayed, and dead feeling, after 5 times of using this product, my hair looks balanced, is growing faster than ever, and feels actually alive!

13. Awareness

Eating is a form of love making. When you eat something, you are ingesting and alchemizing it’s being into yours. Do you want the consciousness of the fresh food right from the earth, or the cooked food that’s been in the store for ages? Be conscious when you eat. Breath. Slow down. Chew. Know why you are eating what you’re eating and visualize it doing it’s job. Also, bless it with gratitude and love.

14. Fasting

Fasting is the best thing you can do to heal just about anything. Notice how when you’re super sick your body rejects food?

p.s. Don’t do the Master Cleanse with maple syrup. It was originally intended to be done with fresh pressed cane juice. Processed maple syrup isn’t good for the body and is especially hard on the Pancreas.

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  1. Beautiful letter, simple easy to read and straight to the point. A great reminder what to do every day.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey Dakato, Josie and Knolly here!! Great article, great info!! Thanks for spreading your wings and sharing with us all!! Praying that the Lord will use you in a mighty way! Stay blessed, hugs to you and Dan!

  3. While I find it Beautiful to share what works for “you” I would never want to “assume” it will work for everyone, billions of people on our planet. Each one of us is so precious and Unique! There are people vibrantly healthy in other countries who do not have access to all the things which you mention. Many have no access to fresh food all the time, or fresh clean water and yet they are healthier than most Americans. Others who fear they cannot ever be healthy because they cannot even afford what you recommend. I myself began eating organic and not eating anything with chemicals in my diet over 35 years ago when I subscribed to Organic Gardening and Prevention magazines. I tried dozens of eating protocals and diets to release extra weight. I do not eat very much food, don’t eat sugar, processed foods, coffee, soda, alcohol and such. I tried raw for a while, a few times and was sick on it, period. No matter what foods I ate. Turns out I need lightly steamed foods because they digest easier “in my body” than all the raw foods do. I attempted many times, to include fruits in my diet, even though I was not attracted to them. I tried and tried. My stomach aches when I eat them,. even pure, organic, freshly made watermelon juice! Fresh lemon juice is the only exception. So I appreciate what you share that works for you. I just feel insisting this is “the diet” we all should adhere to for vibrant health, is not true.

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