Fire Etched in Gold

Waterfalls of blood carve scarlet letters down my legs

I look to read their secrets and find myself blinded by fire etched in gold

I know there’s a story spilling over to be told

So I lick my way up the salty spring

Seeking the beginning

I lose my mind inside the singing

Swallowed whole in the hole of holiest folds

Here I can’t see what I seek

Eyes the first sense to go in the land of inner wine knowing

I’ve fallen into a goblet of time ancestors divine gone blind

Ghosts making the most of living on dna patterns asking to be purified from the patters of sickness pain and death

Wandering this spiral hall I greet them all

“Hello Granddaughter”

A voice echoes I can’t see only feel inside me

“We’ve been mourning for this morning

In the deepest celebration

We know to birth the rainbow nation

We must release the old stories from our stations

You are the one to die the last time

The knot of our ancestral line

We thank you for the release

Let go of this blood through the crease

Here’s the silver sword to sever the cord”

You are the sword and the stone

Lady of the Lake

Come home

I feel the weight of the blade in my hand

Knowing it is time to take a stand for this ancient land I’m woven within

The sword ignites in luminescent crescent shine

The seal of Solomon engraved in sight, no longer blinded by the illusion of night

Blazing light illuminates this space

And I see the speaking face

It’s a rotation of all the creation lived through the ripple of my family relations

Man and woman, bones and blood, water and mud

Fire etched in gold swirling in a backlog of damned dams from rivers given no release

Feel me now they plead

Release so the ground can fertilize the seed

I hold up the sword and say NO MORE!

These pictures I can’t take, there must be some way to escape the echoing screams and bottled up dreams, heroin and prostitution and torture and back alley abortions and desperation and rape and early death and always moving further west.

It is not me

But it is mine

A vine woven in the matrix of time

The Voice Sings:

“We are one line on this family tree

You and me

And what’s yet to be

Dive into the terror

Burn yourself on the Phoenix pyre

To be resurrected in fire

Ultimate blood cleanser

Scream the dreams we all wished to ring

Emblazoned in gold bold red etched fold

You are the tide coming to fill the desert nights

Face the fright

Remove the obstacles to flight

You are on this Earth to claim your delight

To bloom you must use what has come before

Every thorn a holy design to birth more”

I find my voice, but not yet do I sing for the treason hasn’t left my being:

“What will it take to finally be Free?

To see the roaring sea illuminated within me

I know one thing

Fire alone is not my way

I’ve seen the things it does to those who

Wade in the molten stripes of blame

I’m done playing this game”

I take the sword

Pierce my own heart

The flame of Bridget comes to the hearth

Wisdom, power, and love

I am both below and above

I am the goddess returned

I am the servant spurned

My heart blooms infinite eyes

Seeing beyond the lines of separate times and so called solid divides

Golden tears rain out my treasure chest in blood

The truest crucifixion

I become the singing

I burst into being

and suddenly hear the silence in everything

There is only one voice


Eternally becoming

How can it be?

It is all me!

I am one with the family tree

Finally free to see the sea of being

Ecstatic Blooming

The Story

Purified and clear

Oceans birthing without fear

This is the time of great cleansing

No where left to go running

Clean up an inside job

All Hallows’ eve

Ghosts asking for reprieve

Inside turns to Grace

I am one with the sun

Nothing’s in our past except for time

It’s all in the now

Let the universe take a bow

Resurrected through boiled blood

Cooled in the flames of forgiveness

Longing for the relief of fully feeling it

These waterfalls of blood unveil the story

We are Free

The Rose




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