Fly into the Sun

In the span of time all sand will grow wings and fly up the hourglass spine
Defying the line of top to bottom now rising to shine
Illuminated like the sun freshly awakened
Oh wait the sun is always awake
Ever presence the unshakable waves of communion with the days
It is our perception that moves not the ever constant truths
So align yourself with the ever present light inside your being
Spin your body like the earth and start to sing
Awaken the rhythms of your celestial soul
Your light sheath the one that can be ever lasting
Past the play of elemental decay into ever flowering
It’s so fun to play hide and seek with God until it’s not
Until your aching inside by all the things you’re not
And yet you are or else they wouldn’t exist so come now let’s take responsibility for all of it!
What comes into your life is yours to address
No need to search for your lessons
The universe serves them fresh
Smile, you’re soaked in a cloak of elemental tones singing the chord of your essence folding light into matter
A miracle of the highest caliber
Take your sword from the stone, who have you been waiting for?
There is nothing mundane!
Open your brain and perceive the multiple rings that wreath about your rainbow being
Kiss the days awake with gratitude
Make love your every meal
Walk barefoot on the earth and feel the dirt on your heels
Allow your body to heal
Feel freedom in each breath and the caress of air in your chest
Each inhale a hug and each exhale, you hugging back.
There’s a bit of all of us mixing with the air in a soup of colored paints that only appear clear
Drink it up this is your nourishment, pure air the truest food
You are Light inside of Water bright full of various moods
Grow wings where there was only doubt and fly into the Sun
Burst back into your soul, radiantly undone
Photography: The Squishy aka Peter Fae

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