The Beast


Death and hunger are lovers

Staying up late in the brightest hour

There’s a beast within that I’ve turned away

Yet there’s no escaping, as I see it everywhere these days

It’s savage with wild eyes and blood dripping from ivory points

I will starve it to death

I believe

But it howls

Long and guttural

Echoing in the hollow chambers of my bones

Crying out

Something is wrong

And it says,

“You can pretend it’s all beauty

But this beast has seen the fall of the ages

And I know death in it’s infinite faces”

And the beauty she is innocent and lovely

But can she make the call?

Now is the hour

To quell the hunger and awaken it all

It’s the deepest ache no food could ever satiate

Heaven and Hell aren’t just in our minds, they are reflected in the signs

Of physical lines

It’s a soul pain stabbing starvation in a culture of devastation & lies

For something that actually supports life

I look around at these structures humanities created

Children in ignorant innocence playing with the greatest treasure

Blinded to the beauty

And ravished by the beast

And the beast howls crying out to devour it all

And the beauty says I’ll never stop creating

And the beauty never gets hungry for she’s always overflowing

with the juice of the loving.

And I wish words and poems could make it better

The beast always wanted the beauty

And the beauty never knew

How to see it through

What will work?

To wake the beauty

To satisfy the beast

This hunger in our bellies

Growls for a soul feast

Satisfied not by temporary relief

But freedom from humanities sleep walking grief

The lasting Union of belief

For we are shadows of our potential

Spiraling, yearning to be released

In the beauty kissing the beast

Photography: Peter Fae (full moon 3 am shoot)

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