Dirt & Church Glass

Our night nap is coming off in the cradle of the crescent moon.
Don’t ask me if this makes sense for there’s order in the senseless and a madness that’s cleaner than church glass
No matter how fast I polish, the mirror is still dirty
Maybe that’s the nature of this reality
As my head hits the pillow to stop this poetry, the mother whispers,
“you clean to meet the dirt, not the mirror”
The teacher is not the absence, but the inclusion, seeing through all delusion
No exclusion in the duality of listening sharply
You want to heal the world then embrace all of humanity
The holy and the whore, the peace and the war, the dove and the drawer
Finger the glove no more
Take off the layer of separation
Your skin is the wrapping on your present of incarnation
We are all shadows cast on the windows of light in the prism of angles
How to get human from Angel
In the swirl of the now release all the how and fall into the bow of the eternal curtain calling crying who wants to play in the game of forgetting?
Who wants to crawl in the filth of their own misplaced disgrace?
Crawling out every pit of doubt into the divine space between
This world is the push and shove the tug and hug of the worm and the dove coming to see nothing as below or above
Believe in love
So instead of looking in the mirror I stick my hand in the dirt and smear it across my face
All erased
I am not in place
I am not a place
I am a piece in the fading race
I am at peace with the death that awaits
This world is so beautiful and bold the greatest love story ever told
Come or go
Both will climb and fall
In the eyes of love I’ve seen it all
This body is a velvet sponge
You’d never guess how much water lives in me
Saturation overflow dripping today
What is the point?
Not knowing just diving into the wringing out
The squeezing and the shaking crying and releasing
For all my brothers and sisters struggling
Now I’m all wrung out of wrongs and rights
Seeing the sea unbroken in we
Drying out this canvas of stamped treasure maps from ancestors past to soak up the next wave that’s coming to crash our bones into place
Time erased
From the pointless place
Circle beyond the base of cultures erased
Every new verse intentionally placed
So I ride the echoes of bird song in the dusty canyon of my lungs breathing in the cracked parchment before the storm
These scrolls hold what can never be written or told, holographic orbs bursting forth from the tsunami of gold diamonds stroked in belonging
Come into me
Stop hiding
Crush the spaces between the dreams
Infinity dancing
Keep Breathing
Giving and Receiving
Until the portal stops leaving
You’re the beginning and the ending
The forever and the mending
The fire that is pending
Cast off the shadow casting
Blood red bleeding
Snow white coming
Who dances in the house of eternity?
There’s order in the senseless and a madness that smears dirt on church glass
Photography: Abe Kowitz

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