Random Tidbits

Are you comfortable breaking?
Like a seed or a cacoon
The outer shell of your being being ripped off you?
So the inner becomes the sprout of life?
You wonder at the shaking
When will it end
This world is constantly shaking
Are you resistant or jumping in?
What’s your shell? What’s the sprout? Where are you holding doubt? Cast it off and shine so bright your beings a lantern in the night. All who see will want to know how you made your garden grow and you’ll smile and twinkle and laugh while handing them a periwinkle. No one’s the same in this splendid life game please don’t use my path for anything other than inspiration. You have the knowing inside. So trust your falling, your anger, your love it all has a message sent from above. Kiss the dirt and remember water flows from heavenly clouds to the lowest of lows. What’s your gravity in the halo of you? How are you making three from two? Laugh at the snakes and know that certain gates only open from the inside.
Do you know what it’s like to be human? To feel your heart break. To feel heavy and light all at once? Do you know the ache of longing for something that can’t be explained. Do you know what it’s like to have ears to hear things that register as pain or as pleasure? Do you know what it’s like to walk in all the worlds? To feel your infinite spirit and your finite humanity? To feel so whole and so broken? To feel paradox?
I saw two clouds kiss today
Their mouths spun breath wild and turned them into one
Now I wonder, were there ever two?
Oh to kiss like these clouds
A melting of skin and bone of thought and belief
There’s so much more definition to a body
Yet I’ve tasted sweet dissolution
And I crave a time
When the fire burns this body to light for the last time
I’m tired of merging and then being ripped apart
I’ll kiss with source until there’s no part left untouched
and patiently wait for the One
To be ageless do what is timeless.
I dance myself awake from the slumbered of others dreaming
I am not a victim of the worlds humming
Free to create ecstatic living while still open to processing wounding
There is a time for knowledge and light and then for unknown plight. How can we value one over the other when nothing ever leads us asunder. The deeper is always taller, trying to show us the truer. Words so pretty dance in a flurry can speak all kinds of furry feel good stories. Words can’t show the depth of their meaning, so look at the actions rather than the talking.
University held no appeal to me. There was nothing I wanted to learn from prescripted formulas about prescripted societies. For I know that cultures come and go and technology changes and people die and new people are born. I wanted to learn what can’t be put into a textbook or written in words. I wanted to learn what’s hidden in my bones. What’s arched across my lungs. What’s twinkling inside my eyes. The eternal laws of the universe. The poetry of Love. I wanted to feel the rush of truth and the shivers of aliveness. I wanted to hear the ancient call of the mother. And I yearned to follow her cries home until they became my cries and we made an ocean of tears for all to be reborn in. She is calling us. Her daughters of the rose. It’s time to rise the time to hide has been kissed goodbye. Here we stand on the ancient land sisters holding sisters hands no more room to pretend. We have what we need the skills to succeed. To pave the way to heavenly gates. So come together now rise and show how. It is the hour. You are her hands, you are her voice, you are her eyes, you are her these lands! You are the mother in the flesh. You are the goddess outside death. You are the dream and dreamer too you are all that’s true. You are the presents gift. Unfold spill out the treasure that’s been hidden inside your bones the time has come to make the truth known!

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