It’s time to die
She whispered
What you think you are is a small fragment
I know you want the wholeness of your being
I know you yearn to fly
Vulturs pick out the galaxy of your eye
And shit it out to become the soil that grows the rose
The rose who eats dew drops with the dawning sun
Whose petals kiss the soul of the world
Let the world pour in
Fill the cavern of your heart
In screams and laughs and birth and death in joy and terror
Let it ferment into the wine of universal compassion
Not a pretty kind surface word, but a soul stirring madness
How can you change it if you don’t feel it?
Crack open and die to yourself to see the selves
And when you see the we
They will see thee
And the waters of compassion will flow in every action
This great love you call for
This great love you seek
Is so deep
Is so deep
It aches
A soul ache
For a union
It’s different than bliss
It’s loves true kiss
To awaken from the dream
We have to hear the screams
And rip open the seams that separate our dreams
You yearn to be a vessel of pure love you say
Are you sure? You can’t stay in the way
To become the great one
An emptying must rise
The tides in reverse of an ocean gone dry
The bottom beds cracked in thirst
A desert with no edges
It’s not glory or pretty or easy
“Be Love” they say, a surface wash of endorphin water colors
Do you know what that really means?
To embody the love of the entire field of dreams?
We laugh at the sweetness of the request
The innocent purity with which it’s summoned
Are you sure that’s what you want?
What does love look like for men who shove guns inside woman’s vaginas and shoot out the inside before her children’s eyes?
How does love look for the crazed woman on heroin who kills her child?
How does love look for the wandering people fallen and stumbling their way back home?
Is ultimate love an island paradise to yourself?
Is ultimate love a crusade to the heart of the world soul?
Dig deep to know
Only you can go