Being Human

What does it mean to be human? Truly human. Do we even know anymore? I feel the answers fluttering at the edge of my consciousness from a place deep in my cells. Whispering of things made of magic and miracles. I sense a place far away from taxes, religious structures, mass produced food, a place purer where we live in deep alignment with the elements. There is a place in the heart that is like this, even if it isn’t always on the outside: a well: a well of the deepest water, pure, clear, and vibrant. I drink from this place often, especially in the early morning hours in the quiet time before the commotion of the world begins. I slip between the veil and am overcome with this feeling of remembrance, a simple, sanctified space of mystical reverence. It’s refreshing and necessary food for my soul.

I don’t feel as truly, purely human as I could be. I feel tossed in a sea of culture and beliefs that don’t serve our highest potential as a species. That I must seek out the seeds of truth and live them to the best of my ability. It takes commitment to sort out truth from lies. What do most of us do with our days? Eat, consume, work in unedenic states of consciousness, worry, and participate in a dying culture. Of course, there is still joy and love and beauty and play and all kinds of creation in bliss. However, I go to meditate in silence in the forest and there are airplanes buzzing ahead, generators whirling. We have forged ahead without our roots intact and forgotten what it means to be aligned with the highest potential for humanity. To be human is to be made in God’s image, yet we are SO loved that we are given a consciousness to choose: a choice to choose Life or Death. That which brings us closer to the truths of the universe, or further away. Ecstasy, healthy living, closeness to nature, harmony with the laws of the universe: these things lift us up to kinder, more loving, exalted states. I feel so blessed to experience bliss daily. Yet, there is something more than bliss. There is full embodiment and alignment with the True Self. In my personal journey, the most embodied state I’ve reached looked like this. I was deep on private land in Northern California by a creek, away from cell phones, internet, obligations for 5 days. On the 4th day, I was playing in the river with my beloved in pure ecstasy. I was completely in my pure joy alignment with nature Playing state. We were offered organic rosales cannabaceae infused chocolate. I took the tiniest nibble just to participate in the group field and promptly forgot I’d taken it. Then we walked to a field and I entered into the timeless space. I had a journey of becoming an extension of the Earth herself and covering the planet and people in rainbow light. I remember laughing that people ate. Grabbing at the tall golden grass and pretending to rip it out and eat it, laughing so hard that eating was normal. Because my energy was SO aligned, so pure, so ecstatic and so FULL that the thought of putting anything inside my body didn’t seem necessary unless I wanted to have an intimate experience in a more love making connotation with the essence of the thing. And my taste buds changed! I remember the most high vibe, vegan food made by a highly conscious chef tasting bland and strange on my tongue, like it wasn’t supposed to be there. It’s a big deal to put something in your mouth and ingest it. You put it inside of you. You become one with it. Most humans poison themselves every day with the food they eat. Why do you think there are all these new diseases? GMO food, pesticides, cooked food, processed food. Food is a touchy subject. People are very defensive about their diets and what they “need”. I can only speak for what’s true for me. In my case, raw, vegan with fasting is what makes most sense. Yet, I don’t always act in alignment with this desire. It depends on my state of consciousness and energy levels. If I am surrounded by lots of people, tons of food, not in nature, and not in my highest joy, I will feel drained and like I need food for energy. I will eat compulsively and for taste. This is especially true in the city. However, playing in nature, especially by the ocean, I’m having so much fun, nourished by the elements, that I forget about food, I’m so full on life that I’m not even hungry. I find it so fascinating to watch myself oscillate between extremes. Even now, I WANT to be raw. I know it’s the next step in my dietary and life evolution. However, I’m living in a freezing cold environment, personal chef in a house full of people who have various dietary preferences, and I’m not in my highest energy space, spending so much time on the computer building my website. I find myself having a hard time doing what I actually want to do because my own personal will is not as strong as my environment and belief systems. In my ideal world as a human being, I would be living off of Life in the form of prana, and making love with raw, living food and handmade water, rainbow, flower essences. I would be living close with nature and only eating local. I know that this is the next part of my evolution, and I feel it would be most easily carried out in Kauai, as I feel SO full and alive there. So what to do with this information? I do my best everyday to be in alignment with my truth. For example, today I want to liquid fast and move back into alignment with raw, living food. We are what we eat. Food plays an incredibly important role in our evolution and growth as a species.

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