Romantic Tale in Kauai

I’ve been blessed with many beautiful days in this life, as well as many special human connections. However, there are those certain days and people that are life changing kind of special. This was definitely one of them.

The evening after my 23 birthday in Kauai, I went back to the Kava bar to hang out and meet people. I ended up connecting with a sweet, beautiful man with a didgeridoo, who had just come out of living in the Kalalau. He asked me if I had been to the Blue Room (magical cave) yet, as a mermaid needs to go see where fellow mermaids live. I was startled that he had picked up on me resonating with mermaids. I hadn’t seen the cave, but said that the next day was my last on the island, and I’d love to see it if he wanted to show me. So we decided to meet up after my dolphin boat ride along the Napali coast line.

The next morning, I woke up early at 5am to get ready for the boat tour, when I received a text saying the tour had been cancelled due to bad weather. “NOOOOOOO!” I bemoaned to myself. I’d been looking so forward to swimming with the dolphins. I thought about texting my friend and seeing if he wanted to meet up earlier, but his number was in the car, and I didn’t want to get out of bed yet. No sooner than I thought that, he texted me saying he hoped I had a wonderful time with the dolphins. Perfect timing.

We decided to meet at a cafe and commence our adventure day. I picked him up, and we went to a near by beach with the intention to do some morning yoga. As soon as our feet hit the sand, we started ecstatically playing together like kids. Our souls sparked into pure radiant love. We were running, singing, jumping, and then started speaking this other language together. We wrestled in the sand, laughed and connected in pure joy. We kissed and melted and danced in the place the sand meets water. I’d never experienced such an ecstatic instant connection. He asked if I would be his Queen for the day. I gave my wholehearted Yes. He gave me a piggy back ride back to the car where we talked and learned more about each other. We decided to go pick up a picnic lunch before going to the Blue Room.

On the way, we passed the Princeville library and saw the most gorgeous tree blossoming abundantly in vibrant purple flowers. I’d never seen a purple tree before. It was so stunning that I pulled over so we could go look at it up close. As we approached, I saw the ground was covered in a layer of purple blossoms. I lay down amidst the flowers and closed by eyes while he ritualistically covered me from head to toe. He stroked my face with the petals, before covering my eyes as well. I surrendered to the bliss and utter romance of being anointed in these delicate miracles by gorgeous jungle man. My body started humming and my energy expanded into pure ecstasy. When I arose from the flower burial, I stood up and saw a huge, golden flower symbol of life burst out of the air across his face. I was in Heaven on Earth.

We then traveled to the free book cart where he found the fourth book in the Anastasia series for me, met some friends, purchased a few stained glass looking sea shell decorations, and then headed to the store. We indulged and bought green tea ice cream, french baguette, and some other treats.

On the way to the Blue Room, we stopped at a lookout over the Kalalau with waterfalls raining down lush green mountains. Above us was a coconut tree. What happened next will forever be imprinted in my mind. This incredibly muscular, tan, gorgeous man shirtless in Thai style pants, scaling up this coconut tree, grabbing a coconut and tossing it down to me. Framed by the epic scenery of the Kauai jungle waterfalls. It was so perfect it was surreal. He was watched and cheered on by everyone at the overlook. He then sliced open the top and handed me the fruit to drink from. It was the best coconut juice I’d ever had. And he said it was the best one he’d had on the island yet! Probably all the love. We then watched the water trail down the lush mountains and ate ice-cream.

At the top of the Blue Room, before descending, there are thick jungle vines draping over the cliff. Sure enough, my romantic companion in true George of the Jungle style grabs the vines and starts swinging across the opening. We then travel into the stunning cave, singing to the Deva. We strip naked and dive into the cold waters. The cave is incredibly stunning both visually and energetically. The walls are textures of different rocks colored like aboriginal markings. The water feels rich and deep. Very very deep. The kind of water that magical creatures reside in. After emerging, he hand dries me off with a towel and sits me in his lap. He plays didgeridoo while I sing, listening to the reverberation of the instrument in his chest. We have the most amazing time creating music together, completely entranced in reverence for the beautiful blessing of life. After awhile, we see a beautiful girl come down with a photographer, we stop so as to let them enjoy the cave in silence. She comes over and tells us how amazing our music was and not to stop on their account as they were just coming to take a photo. We end up talking with her and walking back up to the top with them where the guy gets a photo of jungle boy dangling from the vines. This was the only picture from our day, as we were so entranced with each other in the moment, we forgot to document. Ironically, the picture never made it back to us anyways.

From there, we decide to travel down to Secrets Beach for a wild spa experience and to camp together on the sand. On the drive back, he rapped and we shared beautiful, deep conversation winding the roads of the north shore. Once on the beach, we set up a tent among the trees. He decorated it with vines and made us a little walkway to our door. I cut my foot on the walk over, so he fed me pineapple and bandaged my foot. He then took out this red clay he had collected from way up in the Kalalau. We rinsed in the cool waters and covered ourselves in this magic mud. Then we scrubbed it off with the wet sand before going over to rinse off in the waterfall. At this point, the sun was setting in exquisite golden light. We stood on the lava rocks and watched the little pools turn to golden liquid as the sun set behind the ocean. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my body as we swayed, basking in the glow of our day. We sang a song he had taught me the night we met.

“All the Suns in Existence
All the Oceans of Bliss
Every Moon and every Planet
We Come from This
All Bright Stars in Dark Places
Endless Love’s Eternal kiss
The Nothingness that Fills all Spaces
We Come From This
We Come From Bliss”

We traveled back to the tent and snuggled the night away. He gave EPIC massages. I slept horribly, tormented at the thought of having to leave the next morning.

The sun finally rose. I had to be at the airport by 9:30am. We had one last bliss swim in the ocean, ate more perfectly ripe pineapple, and he walked me to the car. We decided that we have set a new standard for relationships. The person we are with must be as fun and enlivening to be around as we were to each other. He said he was going back into the jungle and wouldn’t have a phone for another 2 months, but he would be in touch once he did.

On the drive to the airport, sobbing hysterically, fantasizing if there was any way I could stay, (how could I be leaving this paradise to go back to my desk job when jungle man said he’d make me a nest in the kalalau!?) I realized that I had his sunglasses in the car. I would have drove them back to him, but I was already late for my flight. I dropped them off with a pink crystal at the Kava bar. Hoping he would get them.

It was a colliding of worlds. To transition from such pure magic bliss land to the realm of airport security.

Back in Oregon, I wondered if I’d ever hear from jungle living, romantic flower covering, fresh coconut picking, didgeridoo playing, spa giving, gorgeous man again. One day at work, I got a call from a number I didn’t know. I listened to the message and it was him! Singing me our song. And we’ve kept in touch ever since.

I am so grateful the dolphin tour was cancelled. And the funny thing is, the weather was perfect that day 😉

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